John Sonmez Blog Course

As I begin to get this blog up and running, I’m taking John Sonmez’s free email course on getting started blogging. I found John through The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide, which is a pretty great introduction to both the hard and soft skills necessary to get a job in tech. John has had great success blogging, and it even kick-started his programming career. John’s blog is called Simple Programmer, and he has a lot of great resources for beginner and more advanced programmers.

John’s email course on creating a blog is split up into bite-sized lessons, beginning with picking a topic to write about and “niching down” so that there isn’t a ton of overlap with other bloggers. John also discusses the importance of selecting a very specific name in order to get noticed more easily. This is good advice, but I struggled a great deal with it, partly because I’m a bit of a buffet kind of guy. I like to dabble in a variety of media, and I can see how that might be unappealing for a reader, so I’ve narrowed my blog down to data science with Pandas. Of course, from time to time I might wander off into JavaScript land or talk about symbols in Ruby, but the crux of this blog will be Pandas and data science. If you care to view my posts, dear reader, with my misadventures along the way.

Note: Yes, this post is promotional, but I’m getting nothing in return, except perhaps a few more readers.

Written on August 7, 2017